c2 arm warmers offer comfort during radiation treatments

by Jane Hayes on April 25, 2017 Comments Off on c2 arm warmers offer comfort during radiation treatments

We all know someone who has had cancer, has been impacted by cancer, or has been taken from us by cancer. Most people have had multiple of these scenarios. When I received a recent email, it was so heart warming I was inspired to share. I learned that c2 arm warmers were a comfort to women receiving radiation treatments. They explained that during radiation therapy, experiencing cold arms is common. It’s not surprising, since most often the patient is positioned with arms above head, and that’s a challenge to circulation, particularly in older women. Of course men get breast cancer too, so let’s not leave them out of this new suggested use. As a very small business owner, I live for stories like these. I wanted to share the note, since first person accounts are so helpful. Thanks to Terri for sending it along and for the ladies who have tried this for sharing their product story with me:

“My dear running friend was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer before Christmas, making her the 3rd woman at our small school in less than a year to be facing breast cancer. Not fair! All three have been amazing on their very unique paths through treatment. Two weeks ago the running friend stopped me in the parking lot – blocking traffic – to share her excitement about a discovery regarding the c2 arm warmers I’d bought for her a couple years back. She asked if I’d be willing to loan out mine to the other mom who is being treated here locally and is now doing radiation. My running friend described how uncomfortable it was for her to hold still during radiation and it was much worse because her arms got really cold… until she realized she could don her arm warmers!
It was beyond heartwarming to see how happy she was to have come up with a sporty, practical solution when so much of her treatment is out of her hands.
I made sure to drop off my arm warmers to the other mom before we left for spring break. This mom is not athletic, nor is her husband, so I quickly realized I needed to describe what they were and how to use them. Although she seemed skeptical, she tried them at her next session, was very happy to have the added warmth and is sold on keeping them until she’s done too.”
If c2 inspires you to get out there and breathe yourself, why not share your story? Email me at Have a peaceful day.
c2 arm warmers offer comfort during radiation treatments