NEMBAfest Kingdom Trails VT June 16-18th 2017

by Jane Hayes on June 13, 2017 Comments Off on NEMBAfest Kingdom Trails VT June 16-18th 2017

I was that person. I thought since I was at the first Pedro’s New England Mountain Bike Festival in 1995, that in 2016 it probably wasn’t still for me. Maybe I thought I was too cool to do anything as wholesome as supporting your local mountain bike advocacy non-profit. Maybe that was just an excuse for feeling like I might feel too old or not have any friends there. It’s huge for anyone who mountain biked in the 80s and 90s to realize there are more people mountain biking now that you don’t know than that you do know.

But since I have a brand and I love when mountain bikers discover it, I finally went back into the frying pan and got a booth at NEMBAfest 2016. It was amazing. I know it was partly the weather (picture perfect, dry and highs in the 70s), but the event planners deserve plenty of credit as well. Besides every possible demo bike under the sun being available to ride, there are food trucks, entertainment, camping, showers, moderately clean porta potties, mountain biking, and a certain amount of beer and camaraderie.

This year c2 and SEMASS NEMBA have teamed up so you can represent for mountain biking and support their chapter at the same time. Our idea was that mountain biking is always fun, but it’s better together when you ride with friends. So please stop by either their amazing campground location or the c2 booth to check out our new tshirts and support something that makes you feel good. It wasn’t all that long ago that one of these and a pair of cutoffs was what we rode in, BTW.So this year I’m going to NEMBAfest again, and hope to catch up and ride with more friends and share bits of people’s actual lives while riding and enjoying the view and other joys. You should come too! Demo some c2 at no risk, and you get your choice of arm warmers, socks, or a pint glass even if you don’t choose to keep it. But just a warning, you are going to want to keep it. Vermont hillsides get chilly even by a warm fire, and c2 keeps the chill away.

NEMBAfest Kingdom Trails VT June 16-18th 2017