November is for Lungs?

by Jane Hayes on November 22, 2017 Comments Off on November is for Lungs?

November is all about the lungs. In most cooler climates, it’s dryer and colder. While our bodies still want to party like it’s summer, our lungs don’t often want to go outside. But with longer nights and short days ‘bearing’ down hard, it’s no time to lose your fitness momentum.

Walk and Talk

Did you notice we don’t talk much anymore? If you look back 20 years, people were speaking as communication so much more. You know another thing we don’t do much of anymore? Walk. When was the last time you walked over to a friend’s and just said hi? Instead of texting, take the opportunity to pick up the phone. With just a few minutes a day, and you can start with 15, it’s fairly easy to make walking and/or talking a habit that’s in place during all the bad weather that’s coming.

The best part is… you know what walking and talking does for your lungs? It increases respiratory volume by increasing O2 required, benefiting you with deeper more regular respiration. In case you do not get out to exercise every day, this is a very good thing. Just breathing more deeply for a few minutes per day gets your breath going where its needed, since the energy and other nutrition the lungs move are pushed down throughout the whole body. Start with a walk at lunchtime, or go for a short one after dinner while you are digesting. Take a friend along. Walking while talking is double points!

Start right away. Do some breathing. Maintain the body and mind.

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November is for Lungs?