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Competitive cyclists and runners understand the value of the humble arm warmer. They’re ideal for warming up for races and training, but since they weigh less than 95g, they’re the easy-to-pack, just-in-case lifesaver on any adventure where conditions may change. These babies stay in place—without cutting off your circulation, thank goodness—and regulate your internal body temperature as you heat up or cool down. Or, you know, if your arms just happen to be cold because you can’t resist wearing a tank top in a snowstorm.

Made in Massachusetts, USA


Textiles include:
  1. Polartec® Power Stretch® double velour
    also used in araña tights, shorts, knickers, arm warmers
    content: 94% Poly, 6% Lycra
    strengths: insulation, abrasion resistance, moisture transfer, wind resistance, light weight and water shedding
    The durable, smooth outer layer is wind- and abrasion-resistant; the soft inner layer pulls moisture away from your skin keeping you dry, warm and comfortable

Maybe you’ve tried arm warmers before but these are truly different. Cyclists and runners use them to warm up for races and for training, but they really go much farther in use when you start bringing them along on other adventures. Arm warmers thrive on any workout where either you or the weather has the potential to change temperature or conditions. Weighing in at less than 95g and easily stuffed into a pocket or bag, they keep you comfortable before your core is warmed up in cold conditions. When the weather or wind changes later in your workout they are easily pulled on to get you back to point A. Along with the right amount of food and water, these arm warmers will keep you outside longer.


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4 reviews for Arm Warmers Power Stretch®

Rated 5 out of 5

I got these for winter running mornings in the Pacific Northwest where they work very well with a t-shirt since I sometimes roll down the arm warmers if I start feeling toasty. I’ve bought pairs for cycling friends to do the same. The cozy, fuzzy fabric is like hugs on the arms. Bonus backcountry use: keeping my arms warm while reading in my sleeping bag!

Rated 5 out of 5

These arm warmers are essential gear for riding or xc skiing from September to April. They are super comfortable, they stand up to abuse and most importantly, they are warm! And if the temps warm up, of course they fit right in the back pocket! 5-stars.

Bob DeVille
Rated 5 out of 5

So, this review is about arm warmers. And how they made me love tights.

Last xmas I bought a few pairs of C2 tights to give as xmas gifts, But being a self-described legwarmer kind of guy,I didn’t get any for myself. Cuz I’m not a tights guy.

But I did get myself a pair of arm warmers. And I never used them. No particular reason, It just never seemed to be the right temperature where I wouldn’t either be wearing lighter-weight warmers, or go with a full-on, heavier jersey and/or jacket. Oh, and, yeah, there was that thing where the old lady plowed her Civic into my tibia just a few weeks into the Fall. Now that think of it, that pretty much freed me from any having to worry about my cool weather workout wardrobe for a while.

But, Winter, Spring, Summer … and finally, this Fall I wore them. Those arm warmers that threatened to be wrong were so right. I love them. Not too light. Not too warm. Absolutely the comfiest, coziest li’l fellers, you could imagine. And while most warmers beg you to strip them off as soon as you get back indoors, these just say, Hey, relax and hang out with me for a bit for some coffee first. It’s kind of a disappointment when they have to come off for a shower.

Which brings us to the tights. Lately I’ve been starting to run. Something I haven’t tried in a long time — and, to be honest, something wasn’t sure I’d ever do again after the car thing. It’s slow going now, but getting better. And as the temperatures drop, I started to think how it would be nice to get some tights. Not just any tights, though. These ones.

Cuz I was wrong about tights. And about me. Just placed my order.

Rated 4 out of 5

Okay, I’ll admit it: I was wrong.

I received a pair of these as a gift a little while ago and, to be frank, thought the idea of heavy fleece arm warmers was kind of silly. I’ve got a couple other pairs of arm warmers (much thinner material) which I wear on trail runs in varying temperatures. When would I possibly need fleece arm warmers when I wasn’t already wearing a jacket?

Yesterday morning I slipped these arm warmers on for a quick trip to take out the trash. A few hours later, I was sitting in my office and a student asked “what’s with those fuzzy arm things?” Huh! They’re so comfortable and warm, I’d forgotten to take them off! In fact, I hadn’t even brought a jacket with me to work!

They don’t pinch or fall down, they’re warm, and snug and comfy. I still can’t figure out how to work them into my running schedule, but I can see they’d be great for shoulder-season bike commuting under my wind shell.

Jane knows best.

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