by Jane Hayes on August 28, 2017 Comments Off on WEST HILL NAMED OFFICIAL OUTFITTER!

Starting in fall of 2017, our favorite c2 dealer West Hill Shop becomes the first certified fitter for c2 apparel. So please join us c2 in thanking them for all their hard work and how they make our active lives as cyclists, hikers, skiers, and lovers of the outdoors better. If you’re not familiar with the shop, please take a moment to enjoy their story here.

I first learned about West Hill when I raced at the legendary Putney Mountain Bike race back in the 90s. West Hill always sponsored it, and visits to the shop made everyone want to work there! In later years New England had a national level mountain bike race at Mt Snow. West Hill racers called that a home game, and the team always ranked well among the racers in from out of town. It sure was fun seeing the legendary WH jersey design on so many podiums and the team name all over the results.

If you’re in the area, please visit the shop. It features beautiful backdrop, authentic country decor, and staff that shares information you want and need when you’re gearing up. They’re also a great resource for where to ride, hike, ski and where the good snow conditions are.

West Hill Shop
49 Brickyard Lane
Putney, VT 05346
(802) 387-5718